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of confirming that target x is in fact this individual that the u.s. is trying to kill, they are effectively killing the cell phones and this is a system that is rife with error and the u.s. has basically outsourced its human intelligence capacity and it's now relying in some cases 90% or more on the use of signals intelligence or military intelligence and that leaves an area for filling of phones not
tv on c-span2. >> talks about anti-u.s. base protests around the world in the philippines and japan and interview. this irpart of book tv's college seater. ... when do they actually affecting policy. in the second question is about post government allies be done one hand they face pressure and from civil society at a domestic level, but they also face pressure from the united states to maintain alliance obligations . once in the valleys those governments balance between these two forces in, the domestic and international level. >> host: when you looked at the 700 plus bases around the world that the u.s. has, how many of them are welcome to in these foreign lands? >> guest: the majority of them i would say are actually welcome . you are looking at -- 700 bases. probably more. they just cannot be declared war are secret bases. i would say -- it is hard to say whether they are welcome, but the host government accepts them. i would say at least 75%, they are not contested. the majority of bases are in places like germany or mainland japan, but the few that have been contested seem to c
rang and smoke rose. the two owners face up to life in prison. u.s. intelligence officials are claiming edward snowden stole internal nsa documents by using cheap and widely available software that still went mostly undetected. "the new york times," investigators looking into the case a snowden deployed a simple web crawler that automatically downloaded some 1.7 million files. in a statement, snowden responded -- in the latest of snowden's disclosures, new information has emerged on the nsa's secret role
said today he regrets the financial institutio institutioe u.s. clients avoid paying taxes. that was part of a hearing today on offshore banking. it's next on c-span2. >>> ahead of the federal reserve will testify on capitol hill tomorrow morning the senate subcommittee investigation accused the swiss bank of trying to hide the accounts of 22,000 u.s. citizens so they could avoid paying taxes. the panel headed by carl levin is called from the justice department to force the bank to hand over the names of u.s. citizen good morning everybody. the permanent subcommittee on investigations will come to order. the american public is angry about offshore tax abuse, efforts by well-off americans to ebay to their u.s. tax obligations by hiding money offshore. at today's hearing follows up on a hearing that the subcommittee held five years ago in 2008 when we presented evidence that well-known international banks located in secrecy jurisdictions were deliberately hoping u.s. clients cheat on their taxes by opening offshore accounts never reported to the irs despite a u.s. law requiri
? >> guest: american politics coming introduction to american politics, u.s. congress and parts of that i have the students play a member of congress to get a bill enacted through the house in the that is a great experience for the students if for no other reason i can play speaker to use the gavel. also power in american politics about different aspects of power in the united states, a power of the president is those are the class's that i teach. >> host: why don't speaker is vote on legislation? at. >> guest: traditionally it is of legacy of the hybrid position. as a partisan leader paul savas non-partisan if you are non-partisan it means you're not supposed to take part in the issues of the day that puts you on one side or the other. to the extent it can preside over the house people might question their ability to do that so traditional breed they do not but they are not prohibited. but traditionally they do not. but this has not changed over time in the '70s they started to participate more often. gingrich voted quite a bit. so boehner has moved back a little bit he votes very, very
be beneficial. >>> and conversation recorded. this morning, the clues that could help determine who tapped a u.s. diplomat's private phone call. >> we're on twitter and facebook. our jim handly is in sochi. we'll be back here in a moment. >>> this morning, we now know a hijacking attempt geared at the olympics opening ceremony was a hoax. cell phone video shows the alleged hijacker on the right wearing a red jersey. passengers say he claims he ha a bomb. he demanded the istanbul bound flight head to sochi. the pilots pretended to comply, instead, landed in turkey, triggering a standoff before police arrested the passenger. police say the 45-year-old was drunk and did not have a bomb after all. >>> a congressional delegation says they met with a potomac man jailed in cuba. vermont senator bernie sanders met with 64-year-old alan gross for about an hour yesterday. he called the visit productive for u.s./cuban relations. cuban police arrested gross in 2009. gross is accused of spying for the u.s. government. but he says he was there to set up internet in jewish communities. the cuban government sai
accuse the u.s. mainstream media of abdicating their ability to hold power to account. he was talking about interviews done january 19th by mike rogers and dianne feinstein. >> i believe there is a reason he ended up in the hands -- the loving arms of an fsb agent in moscow. >> the two had congressional intelligence committees both muse allowed on the possibility that snowden, exiled in moscow has been working for the russians all along. snowden denies that and says it is not the smears that mystify me. it is that outlets report state. s that speakers themselves admit are pure speculation. it is interesting the institutions don't have an editorial position on this. these are pretty serious allegations. "the associated press" says it will no longer work with an award winning photojournalist after he admitted to digitally
. as he left to meet with the u.s. secretary of state in germany one of the opposition leaders called for the same. >> translator: in munich we will insist on an international investigation of all the cases of killing, torture and kidnapping of people and the fact that journalists are being targeted and shot at. today's experience regarding bolotov is prove of that, like death squads just like in latin america have appeared. >> in independence square at the height of the opposition demonstrations they read the names of the missing in hope that someone will know something and ensuring that those out of sight are not out of mind. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kiev. >> and now, robert mcnamara, robert, what have you seen? >> well, it's kind of not like
inside the u.s. embassy of iran where our hostages were held. what is iran doing with that building right now?
're in the stream. is the boycott strange u.s. israeli relates or just making headlines? >> our digital producer wajahat ali is here. whenever we barely touch israel and palestine, it's a huge issue. >> when i talked to friends -- >> on either side. >> i'll try get as much of the diverse community feedback. for example, henry, israel is its own country and should run it as it sees fit. there's a reason why israel does what it does. all the nations have said they want to destroy israel and drive them into the sea. >>> it is the same in the case of south african thawed. unprovoked war which they lost, i support the settlements. speaking about settlements here is lance. bds should complete israel boycott, settlement is just one symptom of the rest of israel. as you can see a light hearted discussion. >> no shortage of discussions on this topic. achieving a two state peace agreement between israel and palestine. for decades, the u.s. have called on israel to stop the settlements, they are illegal, the u.n. has passed several resolutions, opposing them. matters in their own hands, launching a boycott
>> president obama warns his afghan counterparts sign a security pack otherwise all u.s. troops may be pulled out by the end of the year. >> this is al jazeera from doha. ahead - ukraine's capital is abuzz with political intrigue. near the border with russia we find people living without hope. >> set on fire as they slept. 59 schoolchildren killed in nig , in what is called a deranged attack. >> dirty tricks in duby it where gold painted silver to try to full customs. >> u.s. president barack obama is running out of patients with afghanistan's leader. after waiting months for president hamid karzai to sign a security agreement president obama made it clear ta all troops may be withdrawn if there's no deal. patty culhane reports on the high stakes. future of the u.s.-led war. >> u.s. president obama left the negotiating with afghanistan's hamid karzai to his staff. after nine months of silence he picked up the phone to send him a personal warning. he was told that if he wants u.s. to stay behind 2014, they must sign an agreement. 12 years after the invasion the u.s. started planning
the u.s. russian relationships. why do we need partnership and this is not an overly provocative question because there are a lot of people in government and you are part of the u.s. government who seem to think that it's not that important in to the extent that it's important it is not prepared to be very helpful. do we need partnershpartnersh ip with russia and if so why? >> guest: we certainly do need partnership with russia and russia is still, i mean the united states and russia are the two remaining the rear superpowers in between us we cannot really resolve a number of the worlds major problems if we don't work together. we are seeing that now in terms of syria, in terms of iran, in terms of even issues like terrorism and counterterrorism so russia is not always an easy partner for the united states just as the united states is not an easy partner for russia but we have to work together. we are fated to work together and we have seen that this year when there were plenty of reasons why the relationship deteriorated but in the end we are working together and we will continu
limits of partnership" u.s.-russia relations in the 21st century. and it, the director georgetown university center for your region in russia and east european debt is cause for a reassessment of attack dixson practices that guide u.s.-russia relations and proposes a more productive way forward. the program is about an hour. >> host: it is my privilege attack today with the angela stent, director of the center for russian and eurasian studies at georgetown university. he wrote an important book. the one of the partnership, talking about the u.s.-russian relationship. why do we partnership with russia? you know, this is not an overly provocative question because a lot of people in the government seem to think that russia press is not that important in to the extent it is important, it does not prepare to be helpful. doing a partnership with russia and if so why? did not receive the dewdney partnership with russia and the united states and russia, the two remaining nuclear superpowers. between us we cannot really resolve the number of the worlds major problems if we don't work toget
. the u.s. is warning of the possibility the terrorists may attempt to hide explosives in shoes. while this may sound familiar, this is based on new intelligence that terrorists are working on new bomb designs, the supplies to overseas flights coming into the u.s. so for example, it would apply to all the americans here at the olympic winter games who are about to fly home, or for that matter, anybody flying into our country from overseas. it means more checks, security, and like the toothpaste scare, just as these games got under way it is one more thing for air travellers to think about. it is where we begin our broadcast tonight with nbc's pete williams who is in our washington news room. good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening, recent intelligence says this could be a possible attempt to attack people with explosives hidden in shoes, the officials familiar with the warning say it applies to airlines that fly from overseas to the united states. for flights at foreign airports that go directly to the u.s. passengers will see increased attention paid to their foot wear. shoes w
in mexico and known for the ruthless tactics and sneaking tons of drugs under the u.s. border. the capture of guzman could impact the illegal drug supplies around the world. a number of homes he used were discovered and in some of the homes it is connected to 7 tunnels to several homes and used the city's drainage city. >> the illusiveness. he escaped a high security prison in 2001 and he escaped by hiding in a laundry van. this is seen as a political triumph for the mexican president, that took office in 2012 and behind the capture is a security cooperation agreement wean the u.s. and mexico called the miriad initiative and $2 million aid program that started in 2008 and reenforcing the mexican hardware and focussed on training the police and the prosecutors and preventing the violence in the first place and still a hundred thousand mexicans are killed and kaukt in the on going war between the law enforcement and the drug gangs. top members were aest ared or killed. u.s. attorney general is saying that the alleged criminal activities cricketed to the death and destruction of millions of l
koreans believe he was responding to comments from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> it's up to japan, and the republic of korea, to put history behind them and move the relationship forward. >> reporter: south korean media reacted sharply. >> washington and seoul have different views on historical issues. >> we didn't want to hear those comments. >> reporter: lawmakers didn't want to hear them, either. they demanded an explanation. >> we confirmed that washington is taking seriously japan's historical per specific. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama is scheduled to visit seoul in april. and some experts on policy say he will put park under more pressure. >> translator: obama will urge park to improve ties with japan. park isn't in a position to say no to him. but she can't say yes, either, considering domestic politics. park will be in a tough dilemma. >> reporter: now diplomats in the u.s. are watching closely to see whether park will take steps to improve ties with japan before obama's visit. nhk world, seoul. >>> japan's foreign minister says the lack of a summit between jap
has that. >> yes, he does. it is all about jobs day in the u.s. >> absolutely. in just about five hours. it is the only number people will be looking for. the estimate is 180,000. keep an eye of unemployment. it is getting close to the threshold of 6.5%. it is actually a good thing. we'll talk about that later. >> we're still keeping an eye on tech. >> the winners and losers. facebook rallied on better than expected earnings but twitter and linkedin falling. sales not impressing. 42% growth is pretty good but not enough. we have too many high expectations overall. the big question of linkedin is can it make an inroad to china? it is one of the u.s. players that is not blocked. >> keeping a close eye on that and all things tech. hans, another conviction of a former s.a.c. flow. >> matthew martoma has been found guilty. it may make it less likely that rosecutors will go after steve cohen. it is looking like this may be the last conviction against s.a.c. >> ryan, you're watching sochi on the games. almost a proxy for putin's hold on russia. >> the games get underway in 8 1/2 hours. t
general of the u.s. air force during world war ii. the author reports that general arnold is often considered the father of the u.s. air force for its expansion of the military branch during the war and the technological and strategic advances deployed under his command. this is about 50 minutes. >> thank you. i appreciate everybody coming out of a deal like this. what are we doing in here? the son in the sky and all of that. that's why california became a mecca for aviation. here we are. i'm happy to have you all join me. thanks for inviting me to come and talk. well, i am here today to talk about my favorite children's book author. a man named h. h. arnold, a couple of his books. bill bruce, the pioneer aviators. bill bruce becomes an ace, world war one. so, yes, have arnold was a children's book author here. a young major at fort riley, kansas. he had time to us right and half a dozen books for boys in the tradition the books were so popular in those days backwind boys climbed trees and wild with their pocket knives and had no video games. young boys were also very interested in
of the nsa and he was overseas assassination program. the u.s. is reportedly now carrying out drone strikes based on cell phone tracking data without knowing whether the individual in possession of a tracfone is in fact the intended target. the article was just published in a new digital magazine launched today by first look media. glenn greenwald and jeremy scahill join us. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the second round of syrian peace talks resumed today in geneva after a one-week pause. steering government and opposition representatives have met separately with you and envoy lakhdar brahimi as the two sides face continued divisions on a number of issues, including the future president bashar al-assad. the meeting comes as over 600 civilians were evacuated from the besieged city of homs on sunday as part of a deal brokered in the first round of talks. news figures show an increasing number of civilians are dying in afghanistan. the united nations says civilian casualties rose 14% in 2013. >> the civilia
the groundwork for current foreign policy relations between the u.s. and middle eastment this is about an hour. [applause] >> thank you so much for that kind introduction, and like to add my thanks to everybody here tonight for coming out in these conditions. if you hadn't already guessed from my accent, i'm originally from england, and i'll be heading back shortly, so this happens, perhaps, preparation after southern california for a british winter. just like to begin by saying a few words about how -- first, how i came to this subject before describing some of the themes of the book. now, as you've already heard, my previous book, "the mighty wurlitzer," was about cia front groups in the early years of the cold war. these are, apparently, private, nongovernment organizations made up of anti-communist, private citizens engaged in cold war prop began da overseas. -- propaganda overseas. it later emerged these groups were, in fact, being secretly funded and to some extent managed by the cia. now, one group i didn't really engage with in "the mighty wurlitzer" was the american friends of the mid
. >> that return quickly to how you see the u.s. -- economic growth in terms of growth in gdp, just where you see, because you manage so much money. 3% for 2014? >> i would say 2.75 to 3.25%. so it is better than last year. but i do not think it is going to be as strong. they could get to 3.5. but i will target between three and 3.25. have, we still have many things to overcome. i think the weakness in europe is going to continue and maybe it has positive gdp of .2%. so we are just not going to benefit by a lot of trade overseas, but we are the envy of the world right now. the energy revolution that we have in this country. and finally being recognized in europe. this is one of my big themes that europe is just being left behind because of the cost of energy. blackrock is just going to be building a new data center in upstate new york. it's hydroelectric, it's green and it will be three cents a kilowatt. >> why did you choose upstate new york? >> we worked with the state. we were looking for something that would be socially acceptable because data centers are heavily energy use. obviously, it is
wikileaks after it published documents on the u.s.-led war in afghanistan. according to report co-authored by glenn greenwald and published, britain's top spy agencies eagerly monitored visitors to wikileaks site by collecting their ip addresses in real time. the national security agency added wikileaks founder julian hunting" target list alongside al qaeda suspects. the documents also show the u.s. urged its allies to file criminal charges against assange over the afghan war logs. we will be joined by julian assange and his attorney michael ratner after the headlines. in iraq, a series of deadly car bombings has rocked baghdad and the area south of it today, one day after another wave of explosions killed at least 24 people. monday's blast in the iraqi capital included attacks targeting shiite mosques in the explosion of a bomb-laden minibus. police in thailand have launched an effort to oust demonstrators from protest sites in the capital bangkok. at least three people have died in the resulting clashes. the government of yingluck shinawat has been embroiled in the
are playing the game of diplomacy. >>> u.s. president barack obama calls for more religious freedom in china, urging leaders to respect universal rights for christians and ethnic minorities. >>> and some chinese people are getting a lesson in manners to help prepare them for holidays abroad. >>> the winter olympics officially kick off on friday. many world leaders will spend time away from watching their athletes to improve diplomatic relations with other countries. experts say the sideline meetings have long been an important part of the games. nhk world reports on what russia hopes to achieve in sochi. >> reporter: 100,000 security personnel have been deployed in preparation for the opening ceremonies. tight measures are in place. every visitor entering the site is required to have a photo taken and to give their passport information. many world leaders are now in sochi. russian president vladimir putin arranged talks with representatives from several countries. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has high hopes to push forward northern territories issue. the country claimed the islands, wh
private conversations between u.s. diplomats, complete with profanity. it is a big embarrassment. some big allies are angry, and washington has shifted into damage control. >>> and one moment in time. the american athletes who did not get to compete the last time the games came to russia because the president kept the u.s. team home. tonight, the scars that are still visible. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. there was more tension leading up to these olympic winter games than any other such gathering in memory. they are, after all, the most expensive and the most heavily defended by far. and now tonight we are finally, thankfully under way here. just as the opening games at the summer games in london was very british, as you can see tonight, these games are getting off to a very russian-themed start. the gathering now feels very spirited. but for a time today as we'll talk about it in a moment there was a scare that reminded us all of the high security stakes. first, however, the command that has gone out to let these games begin. nbc's kevin tibbles has more. kevin, good eveni
? >> yeah. you know, i think that it's always the case that if you are adversarial to the u.s. government there are certain people who view criticizing the government or exposing bad acts done in secret of the government, as being treasonus. look at what was said about daniel ellsberg, who everybody now regards as a hero, but 40 years ago you had the mike rogers and james clappers of that era calling him a russian spy and a traitor and engaging in treason and endangering the united states. it's really just a very similar pattern. i knew a long time ago when i went into journalism it wasn't the profession to go into if you want to be universally loved. if you do it the right way you're going to make a lot of powerful people and their loyalists unhappy and i'm perfectly okay with that. >> i hope to see you here in new
stories. >> syrian refugees grow as russia and u.s. search for a solution in geneva. >> egypt's military head meets russian leadiers as putin talks about the presidential elections. >> severe weather continues to hit large parts of britain with hurricane force winds bringing chaos to the northwest of the country. >> plus. >> if parents come and ask do you want to live or die, what kind of question crosses the child's mind. >> an emotional debate in belgium as parliament gets ready to vote on whether sick children should have the right to die. >> in the next half hour, the united states and russia will attempt to break the stalemate in the syria peace talks in geneva. russian and u.s. delegates are due to sit down with the u.n. arab league and attempt to get an agreement on the way forward for both sides. inside sir yes, there's no end that the violence. in aleppo, government helicopters reportedly dropped several barrel bombs on thursday and the lebanese border is a ghost town, according to activists. that's after heavy fighting on wednesday. the violence forced more people to flee, many
friday at 4:00 on 91.timewashington on >>> next, form israeli the u.s., michael oren, he talked about the threat by he middle east posed iran's nuclear program, what's next for u.s. policy in the region? this is hosted by the atlantic council. it's an hour and 20 minutes. >> a great pleasure to welcome you all this afternoon. this event welcomes the first public event around the international und security of the council. there are a lot of reasons why atlantic council were to bring israel's foreign ambassador to the u.s. starting february 1. we're getting him here shortly after he began at the council. the press release we si ulated late in january, said the following, quote, oren brings to the council a picture of the top historian's knowledge. highest level diplomats. and the best-selling author's skills. you'll see a taste of all of that in his opening and the q&a today. e's a person not only know how diplomacy would be done and shouldn't be done. historical the context more richly than any known.dor you've ever we face a crucial moment in the history of the middle eas
a career, which took him to be as the subtitle on the book says the man who invented the u.s. air force, and his entire career became part of that effort to bill army aviation into an independent air force, but before i talk about his career, willie mentioned there were some family interviews in the book, and i depended very heavily on those, and, in fact, stole a lot of great stories from his grandson, and very plif ledged to have robert here today to tell us a few stories about the early life and career. robert? [applause] >> thank you, bill. incidentally, the book he wrote is terrific. most of my family members read it by this time, positive reviews from everybody, they all agree on something, it's good. i'm not a his tarrian, i'm snow maker, but i can tell you a couple stories here heard around the campfire as a young man, and my father loved telling stories, i grew up with them, and he wrote them down. bruce arnold, middle of the three sons, west point graduates, colonels in the u.s. military, popping it up in the air force in missiles and high tect. his name was actually william b
the tsa now has an advisory for all u.s. airlines headed here. >>> knocked out. the big storm in the east has left hundreds of thousands without power heading into another bitter cold night. and to the west, a dangerous situation on the roads means big trouble in dallas. >>> preventing strokes. the new guidelines just released specifically for women to cut the risk and save a lot of lives. >>> the contenders. our look at some of the americans to watch at these games. tonight, the veterans, rookies, and the potential for some new stars. >>> and tonight is the night we say good-bye to one of our own stars. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening on what is the eve of the opening ceremony for these winter olympics. in fact, some of the competition is already under way here, and here in sochi, it is readily apparent that russia is already the new record holder for the most responsive olympic games at somewhere north of 50 billion, and also the most heavily defended. and for those americans lucky enough to have tickets to events here, those who have decided to brave it and make the trip, a
whitfield. welcome to the "cnn newsroom." just in to cnn, a historic announcement from u.s. attorney general eric holder involving same-sex marriage in america. in a speech tonight, hold letter announce the justice department's plan to extend the federal government's recognition of same-sex marriages, even in the 34 states that don't consider it legal. i want tocnn correspondent in washington. taking place later this evening, where will it be and what will be said? >> reporter: fred, he's in new york city to headline the annual gala at the waldorf. a move by the obama administration to extend federal recognition to married same-sex couples in all the states, even those that don't recognize marriage at legal right now. according to excerpts of tonight's speech obtained by cnn's justice reporter, the attorney general will say, "just like during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, the stakes involved in this generation's struggle for lgbt quality could not be higher. at attorney general i will not let this department be simply a bystander during this important moment in history." he'll expl
president francois hollande and u.s. president barack obama. >> the editorial is very much an inventory of all their mutual work together. they just want to show praise after praise. climate comes far down on the list. wait the-- waived -- they really weight the editorial -- there is a theme that resonates strongly with the administration , the u.s. administration and the u.s. citizens. >> how is hollande seen in the u.s. -- the u.s.? >> he has garnered a lot of respect on security issues. the nature of the relationship is not as warm and personal as some others in the past. it is very pragmatic and operational. both sides seem to be looking at her they gain benefit from each collaboration together. it works well. sides seem to be looking at how they gain benefit from each collaboration together. >> it is stock full of ceremonial events. tomorrow they will open up with the arrival ceremony. be all the glory up until the state dinner. are heavilytings weighted on outreach to the business community. he wants to focus on the economy. he seems to be dropping hints that as much as he can sel
u.s. ally. who was the target of her profane outburst? >>> and militants release video of a military dog captured in afghanistan. does it belong to the united states? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with the breaking news. the eyes of the world are on the russian city of sochi and the winter olympic games. but growing fear of terrorism is certainly looming over the competition as we learn the u.s. is investigating now multiple plots against the games, including the latest involving explosives hidden inside toothpaste and cosmetic tubes. our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is joining us. jim, you're learning about new action being taken to counter some of these plots? >> that's right. this is the first skourt security measure in response to a new threat of bringing explosives on to airliners contained in toothpaste tubes and it came within 24 hours of the threat first being released to the public. this is what we are learning from the tsa. they have directed that no liquids, gels, aerosols be allowed on flights to russia. so something u
from pakistan to europe to speak about the impact of u.s. drone wars. we will speak to madiha tahir, director of the film, "wounds of waziristan." then, attorney general eric holder calls for the repeal of state laws that are convicted felons from voting. >> across this country today, an estimated 5.8 million americans are prohibited from voting because of current or previous felony convictions. that is more than the individual populations of 31 united states. >> reporters without borders has just published its press freedom index for 2014. the u.s. has dropped 13 spots to just 46 on the list. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. passed a has narrowly new measure to let the debt ceiling until march 2015. 28 republicans joined with democrats, dropping her party's long-running tactic of tying the debt limit to cuts on social spending. this time military pensions, the measure faces an uncertain fate in the senate where it is i'm clear of democrats will have the votes to overcome a filibuster. attorney gener
of technology. >> rose: right. let me turn quickly to how you see the u.s.-- the economic growth in terms of growth in gdp, just where you see. because you manage so much money. 3 to 4% for 2014? >> i would say 2 and 3/4 to 3 and a quarter. so it's better than last year. but i don't think it's going to be as strong as 4. it could get to three and a half. but i am going to be targeting between three and three and a quarter if i had to be pushing a number. i just think we have-- we still have many things to overcome. i think the weakness in europe is going to be-- is going to continue. and maybe it has positive gdp of 2/10. so we are just not going to benefit by a lot of trade overseas. but we're the envy of the world right now. the energy revolution that we have in this country. it's finally being recognized in europe. and this is one of my big themes that europe is just being left behind because of the cost of energy. blackrock is just going to be building a new data center in upstate new york. hydroelectric, it's green. and it's going to be approximately 3 cents a kilo watt. >> why did y
a king and it will be like every other nation out there. let's hope the u.s. does not get its wish for a shining city on the hill sees its light dimmed or all mankind will pay the price and we were talking about the lights going out in europe. at the beginning of world war i. believe me folks at this like us up -- goes out you will see a dark ages like you have never seen before. it's going to be bad. anyone else? any other comments or questions? concerns? [inaudible] >> by 10 copies each. you know there is a time to meditate. i mean children of israel were in the wilderness for 40 years and part of that was that they were supposed to learn something. we have gone through dark periods in our history. other countries have gone through dark. then sometimes you just need to write it out for a little while. don't jump to hasty conclusions. don't do anything absolutely crazy. don't go in your bunker. i will help you when it's time to go in your bunker and get out the canned food. it's not time yet. so watch. i think the bible phrase is watch and pray. all right, thanks for coming out. i
the u.s. perspective, tell us how the united states fits into this battle that is now on the streets of the ukrainian capital. >> reporter: i have to say, the u.s.'s position of this has not been that -- they've wanted to discourage violence and i think in many ways they would like to see viktor yanukovych to swing in a western direction, too. colin powell and the bush administration laid it on thick trying to get the west and failed in many ways, the president to deliver on what he promised. now the country swung back towards russia, towards viktor yanukovych, who was the opponent way back then. the question for the u.s. is this massive country that sits between russia and eastern euro europe as well, vital to the identity and russia's political orbit. does it move towards moscow or the u.s.? the u.s. wants the latter to happen. many ukrainians want that happen, too. and the wider issue at stake here is the influence over different parts of the european continent. that is what is playing out here. the u.s. has taken their eyes off the ball in the last few months. the russians have s
, basically subject to u.s. economic sanctions. we have a lot of earnings. we have a forecast from china under export growth. we have the deal. what else are we watching? >> larry fink. says that a buying inundate emerging markets, they are going target way below what we had last year. it is the good old american consumer. let's see last month. flat rate on retail sales. the jobless numbers are the dominant theme on the market. you get our frort the european central bank -- report from the european central bank. six straight days of gains. you know, recovery. i want to put the recovery in context. $3 billion was wiped off global equities. that has now been scaled back. we have recooped nearly $2 billion of that. it will come down to retail sales numbers in the united states of america. there are three companies -- let's have a look at them. a little bit of luxury. a little bit of banks for you. b.n.p. paribas is down. $1 billion in terms of u.s. litigation. the dividend missed as well. we were looking for 1.75 euros. coming in at 1.5 . he remembers, fourth quarter sales -- rer maze. lloyds, yo
'd be making much higher salary in the u.s. we'd still make it there. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> what growing income inequality means for business. next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by -- >>> good evening, thanks for joining us. after two days of meetings with international atomic energy agency officials, iran today agreed to seven new steps to shed light on its nuclear program, including aspects long thought to be military in nature. the next round of negotiations between iran and the world's leading powers will take place in vienna the weeks after next. we'll have more on this right after the news summary. >>> turning to afghanistan, there's word tonight the obama administration will announce a new $300 million aid package to that country tomorrow. the money will go to farmers, promote international trade and improve opportunities for university students. the gains once foreign troops leave. peace talks between assad regime and rebels that seek to overthrow it tomorrow. hundreds had been stranded with little food and scares medical s
the effort is a security cooperation agreement between the mexico and u.s., a more than $2 billion aid program that started in 2008, it includes weapons training. still hundreds of thousands of mexicans are estimated to have been caught in the war. in recent years many top syndicate members have been arrested or kills. eric holder says . . . the u.s. had a $5 million bounty on guzman's head. the united states wants to extradite him for crimes he allegedly committed in the united states. he faces charges in new york, chicago, miami and texas. mexico's attorney general has not commented on the possibility of extradition, meanwhile though the head is behind bars tonight, the organization is not out of business, and it is not the only cartel in mexico to supply america's enormous appetite for drugs. for more now on the arrest of joaquin el chapo guzman, we're joined by adam rainy in mexico city. today he was if i recally charged, what are the counts? >> well, really it's one charge, and it's for breaking mexico's drug f trafficking laws. and that's significant. it is showing the u.s. it ha
and as the chairman said any business we do with any u.s. client is done on a completely compliant aces. >> again you have reported or certainly in our reports we see the size of u.s. banking assets and credit swiss. do you have any u.s. assets in total in switzerland? >> i don't know if we do. i don't think we do have that estimate. u.s. citizen assets in suisse banks i don't have that on hand. >> no further questions at this time. >> thank you very much senator johnson. let's go to just a few facts to set down very firmly. of the 22,000 banks the customers that you had in 2006 after you did required a showing of compliance with their u.s. tax laws and we talk about u.s. customers, 18,900 of those accounts were closed and today there is about 3500 that you have determined are in compliance. are those numbers correct? >> those numbers are correct as of today but i would like to add that in total we have breathed you'd been verified tax compliance of -- of which 3000 have been closed and the number you have mentioned are still with us. >> so what is the total number of accounts that no longer have the
, a country is unraveling, torn apardon by the militia the u.s. helps to support. fault lines is here to find out what went wrong. >> on november the 16th after friday prayers, a peaceful demonstration formed in a neighborhood, in west tripoli. local proteste protesters were met by machine gun fire. when the shooting stopped, dozens lay dead, many others were injured. the last kerr took place the day we arrived in libya. by the time we reached the scene, the men there told us the killers had left. the militiamen who took over the area were from the libya shield, the shield that was set up by the libyan government last year but largely decommissioned in june 2013, killing more than 30 people. some of the libya shield fighters said they had been present when the shooting here happened. all that we spoke with were supportive of their brothers in arms. saying moammar gadhafi is still here, saying there's a lot of support for the former regime and they're blaming both supporters on the voifnlings. in another part of the city, the family of one of those killed held a mourning ceremony. when abdul r
. after the shootout win over russia on saturday, the u.s. men's hockey team slapped slovenia, 5-1. >> the more we play, the better we get. >> reporter: their eyes now fixed on the quarter finals this wednesday. tough times for women on the slopes of rosa khutor park. one competitor taking off the slopes on a stretcher. two others as well. all of this after russian skater marie broke her spine. he's been air-lifted to germany for further treatment. all of the accidents happening on the same hill. >>> the u.s. bobsledders got into the mix. they take the track again this morning in a bid to win the first u.s. bobsledding gold in 6 62 years. new in the mix, the high-tech sleds customized by bmw. the jamaican team. they are currently in last place. they have a worldwide audience cheering them on. they're like rock stars here, guys. etch waiting in line to get their picture with them. i have not gotten the chance. but i still have a few more days. i'm hoping for it. >> never has last place been so good. >>> let's get an update on the medal count. >> that hockey game from the u.s. and
was available at >> the career of have arnold commanding general of the u.s. air force during world war ii. .. >> and thanks to willie for invitig me to come and talk. well, i'm here today to talk about my favorite children's book author, and that's a man named h.h. arnold. here are a couple of his books. we've got bill bruce and the pioneer iowauateers. we've got -- aviators. we've got bill bruce becomes an ace in world world war i. so, yes, hap arnold was a children's book author as a young major at fort reilly, kansas. he had time to write a half a dozen books for boys in that tradition of books for boys that were so popular in those days back when boys climbed trees and whittled with their pocket knives and had no video games. but young boys were also very interested in aviation which hap was not as a young boy. nor was he when he was at west point. he graduated in 1907. but when he got the aviation bug, he fell hard. and he fell rather early in the whole, in the whole history of aviation. some of you may have heard of his flight instructors. a couple of boys from bicycle mechan
.com/booktv. >> military historian bill yenne recounts the career of happen arnold, commanding general of the u.s. force during world war ii. the author reports that general arnold is often considered the father of the u.s. air force for his expansion of the military branch during the war and the technological and strategic advances deployed under his command. this is about 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. well, hey, i appreciate everybody coming out on a day like in this. i mean, what are we doing in here? [laughter] the sun in the sky and all of that great flying weather which is why california became a mecca for aviation. but here we are, and i'm happy, happy to have you all join me and thanks to willie for inviting me to come and talk. well, i'm here today to talk about my favorite children's book author. and that's a man named h.h. arnold. here are a couple of his books. we've got bill bruce and the pioneer aviators, we've got bill bruce m bees an -- becomes an ace in world war i. so, yes, hap arnold was a children's book author as a young major at fort reilly, kansas. he had time to write a ha
. >>> and rare, new video capturing the tense moments when u.s. forces took down a suspected al qaeda member. >> good morning, and welcome to "early start." i'm michaela pereira. >> and i'm george howell. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, february 11th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> another dangerous storm in the east bringing with it snow, ice and rain from texas to the carolinas, an area that as you'll recall was paralyzed by ice just two weeks ago. already today hundreds of flights have been canceled, and we're told the bad weather will not be over today. >> it looks to be a mess. it's already snowing right now in parts of alabama. just look at these pictures from just north of birmingham. that entire state will be under a state of emergency in just about two hours' time. crews there were out late spraying down the roads in advance of the storm. many schools are already closed and residents are being told to stay home. >>> in georgia, store shelves have been wiped clean. look at this! folks getting ready for the storm. 45 counties are now under a state of emergency, most schools are
with nyu professor stephen cohen on the latest violence, the roots of the conflict, the secret u.s. role backing deposition. venezuela, which is also in a state of appeal as antigovernment protesters take to the streets to oppose hugo chavez's successor nicolas maduro. as the u.s., mexico, and canada hold a major summit in mexico, u.s. border patrol agent shoots and kills a man you're the border in san diego after the agent was hit in the face with a rock. >> rocks are considered the full force. if we look at other zones of conflict around the globe, we have broker-deals to try to get rock throwing and lethal force taken out of the system, but we don't do that here the u.s.-mexico border. we can actually fire at rock throwers. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. in ukraine, short-lived truce between the government and opposition protesters has broken down amidst the bloodiest period in the month-long uprising. at least 21 people have died just today in clashes between protesters and security forces. clear
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